Looking for a way to add lights to your driveway, patio or decking? The Solar Brick Lights below allow you to add light without the need to dig anything up to lay cable. Designed to withstand the rain, Solar Brick Lights will work year round if well located.

The beauty of tile and brick lights lies in their simplicity. Compact, contemporary and easy to install, they work perfectly in most outdoor lighting schemes. If you are looking for an unobtrusive and sophisticated way to illuminate your exterior plot, recessed brick or tile lights will fit the bill.

Low level brick lights or tile lights installed in your wall will give a modern seamless finish. If your wall surrounds a patio area, the lights will act as markers around the edges and unlike other light fittings will not take up valuable space.

Solar Brick Lights charge the battery inside the light by day and then emit a pleasing light in the evening.

Solar Brick Lights are great for illuminating a driveway and have the capacity to work sufficiently during the winter months. Designed to meet the growing demand for affordable standard brick sized solar lights the products have a non-slip surface and can withstand the weight of a car.

Lights an contain up to 3 white LED bulbs and 2 solar panels which contributes to its excellent winter performance and impressive 12 hours run time following a full charge.

Solar powered so they require no mains wiring they automatically charge during the day and come on automatically at night. They can often be controlled manually to an on/off position.

Brick and tile lights are a contemporary way to light up any outdoor setting. Both functional and decorative you can choose between plain and louvred options as well as LED and low energy options. As they slot discreetly into place, they are a smart, fuss-free solution to your outside lighting.

Water resistant they are great for illuminating a driveway during winter and on those foggy nights and should last for many years.