Nothing enhances the natural beauty of a classic wood deck like the right lighting. A soft glow along your structure’s edges sets a more relaxing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the outdoors long after the sun has set. But there is more to deck lighting than just design.

Keeping your yard illuminated is safer, while lighting can even boost the appeal and value of your property.

There are plenty of lighting choices, but solar decking lights are the most convenient.

Finding solar lights designed to work even in the UK winter is a challenging task, but luckily there are options available.

Relying on solar energy alone can be optimistic, especially if you’re planning to set an outdoor party in the colder months. That’s why some manufacturers have equipped its battery with a USB port for alternative charging.

A remote solar panel ensures installation versatility. You can mount the lights in any area provided the panel is exposed to full sunlight.

Other lights have the benefit of an individual battery, which means no wiring, and you’re free to space and distribute the bulbs as you like, as long as each of them is placed in direct sunlight.

Others have a flush fitting, so no holes to drill in your decking.

So there you have it…. Now, turn the lights on and let the sensors, technology, and sunlight take care of everything else while you sit back on your beautifully illuminated deck.