Solar Driveway Light charge by day and turns on automatically at dusk. Commercial quality and suitable to sustain heavy loads these lights are ideal for your driveway application.

If you are thinking of adding some lighting effects to your driveway, but can’t be bothered to hire and pay an electrician to wire in permanent lighting along your path or drive.

Or maybe you want a cheaper alternative and better for the environment solution?

Then you may find that solar driveway lights are the best fit for your needs.

Solar powered lights for your driveway are a wonderful addition to your current garden lighting decor.

Convenience and Practicality

The modern means of outdoor lighting today is solar-powered illumination. This type of lighting is especially useful if you need to light up a driveway. The convenience is two-fold.

On the one hand, you avoid expensive and elaborate wiring, and on the other, the lights do not need regular maintenance once installed as they will switch on and off automatically.

The cherry on the top however, is that you will save a considerable amount of money in energy bills by utilising solar energy. Whether your driveway is in a private home or a commercial establishment such as a club, store, resort or office, proper illumination of the pathway is essential.

Adequate lighting not only makes the approach to your place more appealing but it shows the way and ensures a safe and efficient arrival for visitors on foot or those who come in vehicles.

There are several options:

Ground lights

When it comes to lighting a driveway, most people tend to opt for ground lights. They’re a popular choice because they give the driveway a modern look, are unobtrusive and relatively easy to install. Ground lights are generally sold individually and come in a range of colours and shapes, so you can get creative and add character to your driveway.

Driveway post lights

Post lights are useful for marking out your driveway perimeter, making it easy to manoeuvre your car in and out of position when light is low. They never become covered in snow or leaf debris like ground-installed lighting, but they inevitably take up more space than recessed lights and are better suited to open spaces rather than tightly walled boundaries.

With a little effort you will be able to convert your driveway into an impressive approach to your home or commercial establishment, to make visitors feel welcome even in the darkest night.

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