Do Solar Fairy Lights really work in the UK

Let’s be honest the UK doesn’t have the greatest of weather, so do Solar Fairy Lights really work in the UK? The short answer is yes, however there are some realistic caveats which must be taken in to consideration.

Consider The Price

Cost is a major consideration. If you have ever purchased the ‘cheaper’ types solar lights before, then you may well believe that solar power products only work in summer, specifically on sunny days, that they don’t give off much light and don’t last a very long time, you may well have the opinion that they are more of a gimmicky fun summer product.


So when purchasing solar lights it is very important to read the description, if a product does not state that it is a good quality unit that works in UK winter, then you can assume that your garden will be dark during these months

In September the sunlight starts to significantly diminish, the cheaper types of lights don’t stand a chance of lasting more than just an hour or two, in December the batteries in these units will most likely already be drained and dead, as the solar panel will not be able to generate enough voltage to give the battery any charge at all. Better quality lights will last on average 8 hours per night.

Summer Fairy Lights For Your Garden

Our research has shown that it is fairly easy to produce solar fairy lights that operate during summer, that’s assuming that you have a clear open south facing garden, without any shade. In these circumstances you can pretty much choose any set of cheap solar fairy lights and they will work to some degree.

So Will my solar fairy lights work in the winter?

The short answer is YES, the Solar Lights definitely will continue to work throughout the winter months, and all year round in fact. A common misconception of solar power is that it needs sun in order to function, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s powered by light not heat. So no matter how cold it gets this winter your solar lights will continue to work whatever the weather.

Solar lights will continue to work effectively all year round, the only downside to the winter is that they won’t get quite as much light as during the summer due to there being less daylight hours. However they will still continue to harness solar energy during the light hours.