Outdoor lighting serves a variety purposes and benefits for both residential homes and commercial properties. It can add style and compliment a building, create the perfect ambiance at a hosted event and give a presentation that wards off potential and dangerous threats.

Whether the reason is functionality, design or safety, here are several reasons why solar-powered outdoor lighting is a perfect solution for replacing any old and outdated gas or electric lighting.


You will never have to come home to the dark, even during power outages, when you install solar post lights.

No cost for an electrician to run wiring, and no cost for landscape repairs from trenching.

Feel safe with lighting up those dark areas with solar security spotlights to aim the light where you need it.

Protect your existing fence posts from weather deterioration by installing solar deck post cap lights.

Reduce electrical usage for a positive impact on the environment and your monthly electric bill. Energy efficient, sun powered lights help you go green easily.

Discourage unwanted visitors and wildlife with outdoor motion sensor lights.

LED bulbs have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours, that’s 25 years of never having to change out a light bulb in your yard.

Your guests will be drawn to your beautiful gardenwhen your solar fence mount lanterns automatically come on at dusk.

Garden fence lights add brightness, safety and security.

Solar lamp post and garden lights are very easy to install, making them a great choice for any area that receives sun. Areas of your yard previously too expensive to run wiring to, can be lit and secured. Here are some suggestions on where to use sun-powered lighting.