Most of us know what floodlights are and some of us know what a solar floodlight is but to be sure everyone is up to speed with recent innovations here are some tips.

Solar LED floodlights don’t have to be motion activated but they can be. This means that you can either allow them to run continuously or to set them to come on if there is movement in an area. Motion-activated LED flood lights react via a sensor and use less energy than continuously running lights, but they aren’t right for everyone. Still, it’s good to know you have the option of conserving energy when needed.

Motion activated lights also have the added benefit of catching people off-guard. This means that, if a criminal does attempt to do something on your property they shouldn’t be doing, the light will come on suddenly and startle them. This can add an additional layer of security because criminals need their target to be predictable.

So what are the benefits of solar powered flood lights?

The term solar means they work entirely on solar power and that means you don’t need any outside power source to get your light and that means this light will run completely free of charge and that is the most obvious advantage.

Most of these solar powered flood lights are motion activated and that means they will turn on only when they detect motion and if you dial the motion sensitivity right you can set it to only trigger when a human is walking by and no other movement will be detected. If you get a solar light that has this motion sensor then you will save that free electricity, you wont have a light shining all night and interrupting your sleep.

These solar light can be a good way to scare off burglars because they will trigger on any motion and when someone is trying to get in your house and there is a light triggered then he will probably leave as fast as he can!

Stored power in the solar powered light battery can be handy if you get a power outage

Most of these light have also a LUX meter that detect the ambient surrounding light level and if it drops below a certain point only then your flood light will start detecting motion and that not only saves that precios solar converted energy but also wont bug you in the morning when the sun is coming up but other flood light are still shining.

Almost all solar lights are with LED diodes and that means low energy consumption and at least 50000 hour work time.

Not mentioning all these thing most of these fixture look great and those solar panels are usually detachable and can be put a few feet away so they could get the best possible light coverage. I encourage everyone to check these lights out and see for themselves that you can save tremendous amount of money in a year if you don’t have to pay for the electricity to power your back-yard lights.