Featuring a slim, upright profile, solar post lights are ideal along driveways, garden, pathways, and other areas which designate specific parameters to navigate around. Typically, these tall light fixtures have an internal bulb which is housed within a frame that shields the bulb from elements and is mounted on a fence, post or railing.

The more you have these post lights on a considerably elevated position, the more they will illuminate a wider area. Therefore, if you wish to have all parts of your pool, garden or patio lit up, it is advisable to have solar post lights mounted on tall posts or railings. On the other hand, if you want to light up areas with compact spaces such as outdoor pathways, then consider having your solar lights installed on shorter posts.


Makes the Landscape attractive

Is it worth to install solar post lights? Yes, definitely. A pole with a bright light positioned atop can add some sort of class to your yard. In short, placing them on either side of your driveway or walk path can change your landscape’s appearance. You can intersperse a number of them in your yard to illuminate the whole thing. Alternatively, you can have one lone post positioned there, providing its own lustrous vigil to your homestead.

What is more attractive than seeing a soft graceful lighting coming from a well-manicured home? Solar post lights will offer that special effect. Some solar post lights can be brighter than others and you can usually group them jointly to give off more light.

Solar Post Lights are the less expensive alternative

Solar post lights are a low-cost alternative to the typical electricity powered lamps. Besides being elegant and beautiful, these types of post lights are easy to install. You do not need to dig and run power lines from the nearest electrical outlet. You have the liberty to place them wherever you wish and the sun (nature) will take it from there. Actually, most people do not need services of a handyman or electrician to install them. Solar post lamps come largely assembled, leaving you with little to do in regards to installation.

Absorbs energy from the Sun

Most solar post lights (if not all) have a solar panel fitted into the top that spends the entire day absorbing sunlight. The power gets stored in an in-built battery, and when the sun sets, the light sensors in the lamp activates the battery, which then relays power to the LED bulbs eventually producing light.

The fact that these kinds of lamps use the sunlight as the source of energy means they are very eco-friendly. Relying heavily on the electrical grid instead of getting power from renewable resources is being discouraged nowadays. Therefore, by installing solar post lights, you are making the required steps towards making the necessary environmental change.


Many styles you can choose from

In regards to height, the rails or posts can be anywhere from eight feet tall to a foot tall and can carry varying designs. The shorter solar post lights can sit upon steps or outdoor shelves. Imagine taking a flight of steps that have every other step lit up.

Solar post lights are also available for existing posts, perfect for replacing non-working or old outdated electric lights. Each of these replacement lights is fitted with a well-rounded base and fasteners for installing on your existing posts. Simply get rid of your old light fixture and replace with your effective solar post light.


Solar post lights are a perfect addition to your residence’s overall security plan. Basically, the more lights your residence or yard has during the night, the less it will be a target for trespassers and burglars.

The benefits of solar LED garden lights

Solar LED lights require no wiring or plugging into the mains, and you don’t even need to put batteries in them! Simply screw to the location you want, or drive them into the ground if using solar spike lights, and you’re ready to go.

Another major benefit is that they are free to run. Solar lights are powered entirely by the sun, so there are no batteries to replace or mains electricity to use. You simply install them and let them do their thing!

Finally, LED lighting lasts a long time. This means you shouldn’t need to replace your garden lights until you want to, rather than when you have to.

When would you choose solar LED garden lights?

Taking everything into account, the best uses for solar powered garden lights are for decoration and some illumination. Use them to highlight a certain feature, mark the edges of a garden path or patio area, or create atmosphere in an outdoor dining area.

If illumination is your primary requirement then mains or battery powered garden lights will be the better option.

Factors to look out for when purchasing Solar Post Lights

If you are shopping for solar post lights for your garden or yard, some factors should be taken into account. There are many different kinds of solar post lights in the market. Which should you go for? First, consider the following factors.

How many hours during the night do you wish the lamp to illuminate your compound? 6 hours, 7 hours, 8 hours or more much longer? Certainly, the longer the better.

What is it made of? Durability is key. Some solar post lights have a metal-like finish; however, they are actually made of plastic, while some of them are built of stainless steel material. Evidently, the latter one is more long-lasting than the former one.
What is your budget? If can afford, go for the solar post lights made of metal, they are more resilient.

Is the lamp you are purchasing weatherproof? It is advisable to go for a solar post light that can ensure all types of weather.