Can I Light My Shed With Solar?

Cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly, solar panels are revolutionising the way we light and power our homes – and garden sheds. From stand alone units you can use to light the path to your shed, to lighting kits which enable you to run 240V tools and equipment. Solar power is a big subject, but if you’re interested in running your lights and power this way, here are the basics:

The best way to install solar power to light your shed is to invest in a solar power kit. Available from good solar retailers, a kit supplies all you need to safely collect and store energy from the sun’s rays.

You don’t need to generate much power to run a couple of LED lights so you can see what you’re doing when you put your tools away – an off-the-shelf kit will do the trick. For more complex systems, you’ll need help from the professionals.

Based on the aspect of your shed, the pitch of the roof, the number of lights and the type of equipment you plan to use, a solar panel supplier will tell you the spec of the kit and the size of the solar panel required to generate enough power for your needs.

Lighting a shed is one of the commonest uses of Solar power is to provide lighting for domestic sheds and garages which are not connected to the mains electricity. It is usually not economically viable to extend a ring main from a house to an out-building, particularly when most sheds and garages are used infrequently at night. However, on those occasions that you are scrabbling around in the dark trying to find something you wish you had adequate lighting.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels are perfect for this purpose. During the day when you do not need lighting, the panel charges up a battery, and then during night when there is no sunlight, you can draw power from the battery for lights. Depending on how often you use your shed or garage at night, and on how many hours the sun shines during the day, you can find a solar panel and battery fit to purpose.

One hour of good sunshine will give you enough power for at least one hour of shed lighting so even on cloudy days in the depths of winter, you should be able to generate sufficient power to meet the needs of all but the most demanding of shed users.

Enhancing Your Solar Lighting System

If you need more lighting add more bulbs, if you need more storage power use a larger battery, and if you do not get much sunshine use a larger solar panel.