Solar Wall Lights are a great way to light your property without the need for complicated and expensive electrical work.

Simply install your Solar Wall Light in a location that gets good sunlight and enjoy years of mains free solar lighting.

Wall lighting, or ‘sconce lighting’ as it is also known, has been used for centuries within homes and public places. Nowadays, there are endless modern, contemporary and ‘edgy’ styles of wall lights, all of which to suit a variety of different living space themes and styles.

Wall lighting is a great way to accentuate a certain part of the room without being overpowering. Not only this, but opting for wall lighting as opposed to one fixture is a great way to save on high energy costs, especially when you opt for a solar wall light.

What are the benefits of wall-mounted outdoor lights?

Able to mount on virtually any vertical surface, outdoor wall lights are one of the most versatile types of landscape lighting, perfect for use on decks, patios, stairways, and pathways (with walls). Specifically, wall-mounted lights:

Shine light sideways or downwards, illuminating your way without blinding your eyes.
Won’t trip people who are walking in the garden.
Add depth to garden and house walls.
Mark path and garden boundaries.
Provide ambient lighting for garden entertaining, safety, and security.
Offer gentle lighting to brighten featured areas of your garden.
Highlight your home’s architecture.

Tips for wall lighting placement and selection?

For pathway and stairway lighting, select fixtures that direct light downward or sideways at foot level.

Dual down/uplight sconces are a good choice to simultaneously illuminate a walkway and to highlight the side of a home.

Use wall lights as task lighting for outdoor activities, such as grilling or if you are entertaining outdoors.

Place lighting at or near tripping hazards such as stair risers or low walls.

As with all landscape lighting, be careful not to overlight. Use low-wattage bulbs for subtlety (it is easy to overdo it).

Use wall lights on deck, stair, or fence posts to create ambient lighting as well as to signal the location of a railing.

Visit: www.gardenista.com/posts/hardscaping-101-outdoor-wall-lights/ for more information.